Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sample Presentation

Sample ARG Presentation: Deus City

Read this document on Scribd: Appendix C


webula said...

Prof. is the idea for the Deus story based on any real life experiences? I find it interesting to see that the real world feeds into the ARG world, and vice-versa! Virtual Reality mixing up Real Reality!

Doc B said...

The DC story incorporated a version of myself in 2006 who quickly skewed off into a fictionalized Alternate Reality. He was:

A UTD student - True
An ATEC major - True
A PhD Candidate - True
Searchable on Google - True
Working on Dissertation in Time Communication - False
Performing experiments with a team of student scientists - False
Not Married - False
A Nostradamian prophet who joined a secret society and traveled the land in a robe and paper pants - No Comment

the game's teaser video is still available: and if you look hard enough there are other videos still up too.