Thursday, October 9, 2008

WK7 (10-9) - Mainstream Games – Presentations

Mainstream Games

Hex 168
Hex 168 ARG Presentation - 10-9 - Upload a Document to Scribd

I Love Bees!
i Love Bees ARG Presentation - 10-9-08 - Upload a Document to Scribd

Watch 2007 ARGfest: 42 entertainment: "Play My Game!" (both parts) and blog about it in light of tonight's presentations. (Also, Jonathan and Sean want to know the code word.)


Andrew Stallings said...

I think it is safe to say that we're are quickly going to be invaded.


Jax D. said...

First off for the video I'm so wanting to go to ARGFest 2008 with a better camera and audio gear AAGG!!

As far as the Keynote. I already stumbled upon Elan Lee and I like the way he presents a lot. It keeps you entertained. As seen here: . Which brings me to the point of the keynote of how an ARG interacts with a player. It does require faith on both parties.

A good thing to learn from this is that ARGs are entertainment; yes a tool, but more entertainment. Since it is entertainment liberties can be taken in creating a suspension of reality and disbelief.

I am also glad to see you get to use your hands. It doesn't mean great things if you're on the computer exclusively. We all have started with our hands. It's the basic building blocks for what the computer is modeled after. If you listen to another professor in the ATEC department Todd F. he also states clearly use your hands.

That's all I got for now...

Zen Almasri said...

Amen to a better camera man Jax. I like the presentation too. It was entertaining. When I watched the video I was kinda let down. I was thinking ARGFest would be more like a big convention center with A LOT of people and noise. I guess I expected something big like comic con or E3. Not as big but something along those lines. But I guess I expected too much. I like how he accredits the grass roots ARG's. It really seems like the community of ARGers are close. Like a really close group of friends. Thats about as much as I could take away from the keynote address.

Candiluu said...

The videos seem to point to a main trust issue between PMs and players. Players must trust PMs to reward them for their hard work and PMs must trust that players will, in fact, work toward an answer to whatever puzzle or question is out there.

If trust is the main issue, I can't help but wonder on which side of that line game-jackers fall. We hear stories about players disliking where a game is going and taking it over or turning the plot. But, does this fall on the "PMs will make it work if it gets dull" side or the "players should really try to work with the game" side? I don't know. I would imagine (sorry for the speculation) that there is a little of both, but not having been on either side of the situation, I can't only guess.

Leslie said...

The theme seems to be creating responsible ARG’s and how the long term benefits of treating the players respectfully using trust as the basic foundation for this creates, not only the player base, but assists in overcoming any issues that may come up during game play. 42 Entertainment states trust is “one of the defining terms of this experience” and goes so far as to say this is the “most important element”.

They shared an example of this that they experienced during the creation of ”i love bees”. During development, what they knew for sure was that they would use pay phones and it was not going to be a puzzle game. When they rolled the game out, the feedback was that the players hated the payphone aspect and 42 did not have a backup plan. However, because of the relationship between 42 and their player fan base, the players trusted that since this started out as a “cool experience”, they would give it the benefit of the doubt that it would continue to deliver, which gave 42 breathing room to redesign the elements of the game that were not working on the fly and in response to the players reaction (JIT agility).