Monday, December 8, 2008

WKs 13 & 14 (11-20 & 12-4 ) "Current Game" Presentations II & III

And here they are! The available final presentations of the set (and the class)...

Dharma Wants You
ARG presentation: Lost - Namaste
LG15 Res.
ARG Presentation: LG15
Quantum Code
ARG Presentation: Quantum Code

Code 9
(coming soon)


Candiluu said...

Totally unrelated:
Thought of class when reading this article. Obviously, one goal of any ARG is to go viral and become a worldwide "must do" experience. Why don't PR people just talk to puppet masters? They know you can't tell people about your new viral campaign that'll release next week :-).

JayBe said...

Wondering if ARG has existed perhaps as long as civilization. Will it survive future intelligent species. They could have scary stories about "the humans."