Thursday, November 6, 2008

WK12 (11-6) "Current Game" Presentation Dates:

Deleted - Jason (11-13)
39 Clues - Sherri & Mateo (11-13)
Project Abraham - Nitin (11-13)
Dharma/??? - Candace (11-20)
Dharma/??? - Zen (11-20)
Muggle Q - A. Nonymous
LG15 Res. - Robert (11-20)
Superstruct - Leslie (12-4)
District 9/Quantum Code - Perry (12-4)
Code 9 - Jax (12-4)


Candiluu said...

Just found something from "thearkpariah" on Twitter that looks like a trailhead. Or else I have a psychotic monkey who loves numbers following me. (I'll go with trailhead because that makes me happier:-)

Anonymous said...

If I had more time I would totally get into the 13 Lights ARG... it started in July. Would have been cool to have jumped in back in September at the beginning of class. It is definitely engaging to receive direct contact from an in-game player.

Mary Ann said...

I switched from the Fringe ARG to the Muggle Quiddich 2.0 one. Just in case someone is really looking forward to Fringe ;)

Andrew Stallings said...

So I'm wondering, why are ARGs plagued with pulled plugs? Dharma Ocular Effect etc.

Granted I assume that ARGs fail as advertising. Since no one seems to be able to link players to sales suits pull the plug.

Then again it seems like developers have no clue where they are headed when they start...