Thursday, November 6, 2008

UTD & Election Technology

But is it an ARG?


Candiluu said...

Per our discussion in class one of these weeks, I will say no, sidescrollers are not dead. My argument: Little Big Planet. You can create your own levels as well as download other user levels. Very cool. the game is pretty and you can create some really silly costumes (like a polka-dotted sack boy with bunny ears, faerie wings, a lion's tail and pink sunglasses) to brighten your day :-).

webula said...

The Election of 2008 was the first one to have such a a strong ARG component to it! You had interactive websites linking to real world content and to television as well! The live debates, social networking integration - such as Facebook - phone banking through online log ons - live events (GOTV training camps) - and the ultimate interactive scoreboard! The outcome was not predetermined, and it took the actions of millions of users to shift the direction of the "story" one way or another. Plus the characters (Palin, Hillary, Obama, McCain, Biden, Edwards, Romney) were more vivid and incredible in real life than anything anyone could have made up!

webula said...

Excellent Job Candiluu!

"As the curiosity has built up over the past few weeks about the fabled ARG Class at UTD, the pay off comes in today’s show as co-hosts Jackie Kerr, Sean C. Stacey and Jonathan Waite get a chance to talk edumacation with Candiluu, a student in EMAC4326, otherwise known as Dr. Adam Brackin’s class on alternate reality games."

Andrew Stallings said...

Sure the election is an ARG as long as you accept that ARGs are a step towards mind control.


There really should be a class that take the principles of ARGs, Marketing, and Psychology and studies how game designers effectively manipulate players.