Friday, October 31, 2008

WK11 (10-30) "Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!"

1) Watch the copyright violation:

3) Do your homework: Play your games – write your papers - Compile your list of interactions on the ARG websites - Contribute to the class blog


webula said...

More Propaganda! Here's a simple ARG Game - predictions!

EV: Obama 353 McCain 185
PV: Obama 52% McCain 46% Other 2%
Senate: 58 D, 40 R, 2 I
House: 270 D, 165 R
Minn. Sen.: Franken 46% Coleman 44% Barkley 10%

Zen Almasri said...

Obama FTW! Did anyone else watch the election?

JayBe said...

I can't look at my cell phone, computer, or anything anymore without seeing the face of some official appearing on it and telling me to do calisthenics.

Mary Ann said...

Ah, I love Futurama. I hope everyone else caught the reference.